The My Move Intervention

My Move is an evidence-based program built on the Self-Persuasion model of behavior change. By providing key vaccine-related information and guiding participants through a structured interactive process of voicing their concerns and motivations, My Move provides a platform to internally clarify thoughts and intentions about getting a COVID vaccine, leading participants to make an appropriate decision. Watch the video below to learn more.

When you invite someone to My Move, here is what they get…

It begins with a link

Refer people to My Move with a simple link. The link contains a "key" that tells My Move to load your customized version of the program. For non-digital referrals, you can simply provide the My Move domain along with your key.

Welcome to My Move!

Visitors land on a Welcome page, where they see your logo and your welcome message, a brief explanation of My Move, and detailed information if you choose to include it — such as a list of endorsements from people or organizations in your community.

At this point, and at any point while using My Move, the visitor can switch between Spanish and English. All content, including audio and videos, is in both languages.

Then it is up to your visitor to start the intervention if they feel it's right for them.

* If a visitor doesn't start the intervention at this point, their visit is not counted in your plan (they are free).

Tell us where you stand

After a very brief introduction, My Move starts by asking a single question to determine current thoughts about getting the vaccine.

Learn the basics

No matter where the visitor stands, My Move shows a 5-minute video about COVID-19 and the vaccines. This baseline is intended to make sure everyone has the benefit of accurate key information. The video is careful to be informative for people at all stages of intention to get the vaccine.

Now, where do you stand?

For a second time, My Move asks a single question to determine current thoughts about getting the vaccine. If the information from the video was enough, My Move gives them the information they need to move forward on getting the vaccine. If they are still hesitant, My Move goes on to help them voice their thoughts.

Voice your thoughts

This is where My Move stands out. The visitor is prompted to select a set of topics to speak about. They voice their concerns, recording them to the computer, and playing them back if they wish.

* Recordings never leave the visitor's computer. They are not transferred to the My Move servers or anywhere else.

Once again, where do you stand?

If they intend to get the vaccine, My Move gives them the information they need to move forward on getting the vaccine. If they are still hesitant, My Move goes on to assess their concerns.

What are your remaining concerns?

At this point, hesitant visitors are asked to select the specific concerns they have about the vaccine. They are encouraged to discuss these concerns with a healthcare provider.


Here is where your custom content comes back in. Visitors are referred to the most appropriate website or phone number based on whether they are ready to get the vaccine or are still hesitant.

A take-away

Finally, visitors are left with a "Summary" document that includes information about what they did in this visit, along with your referral information. Depending on where they stand at this point, they are encouraged to follow the referral information or use the list of their selected concerns to help them discuss with a health care provider.

The Summary is accessible at any time through a web link the visitor can copy. They can also print or email the Summary.

* The Summary contains no personally-identifying information. In fact My Move does not produce or save ANY personally-identifying information about visitors.

The intervention usually takes less than 15 minutes.

What's Happening...

Referral from a trusted source gets your visitor to My Move and primes them to attend to the information.

A welcome message with your logo and familiar information lends credibility and further increases attention to the information.

Repeated assessments prompt visitors to consider where they actually stand. These assessments also provide the data My Move needs to select the most relevant components.

The informational video ensures questions are answered and thoughts considered from a place of being informed.

Voicing thoughts is the primary component of the intervention for individuals who are hesitant. It is based on the Self-Persuasion model of behavior change, which states that one way to help individuals change is to provide them with opportunities to internally processes their motivations and make a change that is felt to be independent of external forces.

By literally hearing themselves explain their thoughts and motivations related to vaccination — possibly for the first time, and likely for the first time in a structured, guided way — the participant is led to process what is behind their hesitation and make an informed decision. This process helps them act based on internal motivations rather than external misinformation.

Selecting remaining concerns, if one is still hesitant, primes the visitor for a useful conversation with a healthcare provider. For the provider, it helps to make the visit more efficient.

Tailored referral ensures visitors get to the right place at the time that they are ready to move forward.

The take-away Summary encourages next steps and facilitates communication with health professionals. For individuals who need more time, it can help them continue processing later.