Delivering My Move

Delivering My Move is easy. It takes less than an hour to set up a My Move "brand" for your population. Then, you just need to let them know it's there. My Move does the rest.

1 Create an account

It is free to create an account and set up My Move. You do not need to sign up for a plan until you start sending visitors.

2 Customize a "brand"

A brand is a version of My Move just for your population. It has optional information you provide, including: a logo, organization name, introductory messages, and referral information. Your brand makes My Move more relevant to your users and ensures they move on within your organization or wherever you want them to go.

3 Select a plan

When you are ready to start sending people to My Move, sign up for a plan. There are several plans that determine the number of brands you can create and the number of interventions you can deliver. Explore plans ยป

The Plans page explains more.

4 Send people to My Move

Each brand comes with a unique link that has your brand's "key" embedded in it. All you need to do is send that link to people — by email, text message, or a link on a web page. You can also provide it on paper — such as a letter, poster, or hand-out.