Help them move past hesitation.

For many individuals hesitant about getting a COVID vaccine, it’s not a lack of knowledge, strong anti-vaccine beliefs, or a missing recommendation that stops them.

It's a lack of opportunity to fully consider motivations and clarify intentions.

My Move is designed to help them.

In Spanish and English


My Move is an evidence-based program built on the Self‑Persuasion model of behavior change. By guiding participants through an interactive process of voicing their thoughts about getting a vaccine, My Move provides a platform to clarify motivations and intentions, leading to reasoned and lasting decisions.

Participants complete My Move on their own, anonymously.


The first thing visitors see when they arrive at My Move is your logo and welcome messages. The last thing they see is your referral information.

In between, they receive an intervention tailored to their individual needs.

Easily Delivered

Create an acount. Customize My Move by entering information about your organization and population. Give people a link.That's it!


My Move is free to users and inexpensive for organizations to deliver.

Pick a plan that matches the number of people you want to send. Pay with a credit card. Stop any time. No long-term commitments. No complicated licensing.

Easy start-up and delivery means very low effort.